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Add your personal experience about petty corruption

Official takes bribes for clearing goods at Tema harbour

After going through the process of clearing your goods, checks are done by port security officers who must give clearance that indeed whatever went on in the process of clearing was intact and corresponds to what is declared on paper. The official in the video who conducted the final checks accepted money without really cross checking before giving the pass. The official can be seen taking money. He refused to take the money at first because it was too small according to him but after a little persuasion, he accepted it and the man is seen running to take his goods out.


The actual cost for replacement of lost Voter ID card is 5 Ghana cedis to be paid into the Electoral Commission’s bank account, according to the ECs Sunyani Municipal Officer, Mr Yaw Opoku. However, some EC officials charge an unofficial amount of money ranging from Ghc30 to Ghc50, in addition to the official amount before one can have his lost voters ID replaced. This happened to me in June 2017 when I went to the Kasoa office to have my card replaced. Same thing happened to my friend who also went to the same office to have her lost ID card replaced. Help me spread this corrupt attitude in order for action to be taken by people in decision making positions. Can we get the attention of the Electoral Commissioner on this?

Police stops the cars for bribes

Usually, what happens is that the police stops you, asks for the driver’s license and causes delays. They expect money ranging from ghc2-ghc10 from the drivers with or without an offense. Sometimes to prevent passengers from seeing what is going on, the policemen stand at the edge of the vehicle so that drivers can give the money, which is usually placed in their license holder to them.

Bus drivers bribe police

Policemen from MTTD (The Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate) takes bribes from the bus drivers. In some cases the police has a few cards with him, so when he stops the buses, he shares the cards to them. The drivers will also put the money inside and give it to their mates to hand it over to the policeman.

"It's time to join our forces and clean up everyday corruption. Fighting corruption is not the job of government alone. We each have a role to play."


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