Corruption is one of the world’s biggest enemies. Every year one in four people around the world pay bribes to access public services. For every bribe paid, people lose trust in political and economic systems, institutions and their leaders. Annually, 5% of global GDP, 2.6 trillion USD, is estimated to be wasted on corruption.

Recent movements around the world have shown the power of the many when mobilizing action using social media. As smartphone penetration expands, it will increasingly become a tool for change in civil society. This provides an unprecedented opportunity to empower citizens to improve their communities.


Klarity empowers citizens, activists and journalist networks to act on corruption in their everyday lives. We develop digital tools to support the most prominent corruption fighters in the world to drive lasting change. Our services help to safely expose everyday corruption and thereby deter potential offenders and highlight the heroes who make their local communities better. Our products are scalable and measurable, and offer a systematic way to end corruption.

Our vision is a world without corruption. We encourage democracy around the world, based on strong, transparent and well-functioning institutions that citizens can trust.



We are on a mission to eradicate everyday corruption. We will spread our products all around the world and tackle not only everyday corruption but all forms of human rights’ abuse. 
Our global journey has only just begun.

Klarity is an independent non-religious, non-political neutral party, owned and funded by the Swedish not-for-profit foundation Norrsken. We provide and control the technology of the platform and the storage of data. Klarity is against violence of any kind and believes that real change can only come from applying the law and by fostering a mindset where corruption is not accepted.


In Ghana, Klarity has launched a digital platform with award-winning investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Tiger Eye Foundation.

The recording app enables anyone to use their mobile phone to safely record corruption in their local communities. The screen turns into a browser when recording and other different security features are added to make it safe to record, publish and share videos with other.


Videos of corruption are published on the online portal jesuisanas.org and spread so that cases are not ignored and forgotten. Citizens can join the cause and support in exposing and holding the responsible accountable until the cases are resolved.