Backing corruption fighters
through tech

We don't accept the status quo of corruption

Corruption is one of the world’s biggest enemies. Every year one in four people around the world pay bribes to access public services. Every time an incident is left unpunished, we lose trust in our political and economic systems, institutions, and leaders.

But movements around the world today prove that there’s power in numbers—and the potential to rally mass action online is great. For investigators, the key is to empower individual voices and bring them together for one giant impact. That is why we built Klarity. 

How Klarity works

Our work in Ghana

In Ghana, Klarity is used by award-winning investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Tiger Eye Foundation. 

Their investigations are published on enabling citizens to spread and follow-up for action to be taken.

How to get started

Read the White Paper

Start with the White Paper to learn about how the Klarity theme and plugins work.

Download the Theme

Download Klarity’s theme and plugins on WordPress.

Customize & Publish

Tweak the design, add your logo and colours to it and start publishing your work.

We're open-source. Join us!

Do you share our passion for technology that creates positive impact in the world? Klarity is open-source and we would love to get more programmers involved in our mission to fight corruption.