No, any organisations seeking to expose and fight against human rights violations can benefit from using the platform.

Start by checking out the white paper by Klarity that guides you on how it works. If you still need help, send us an email and we will reach out and get you started.

You can find instructions for this in the white paper. It walks you through how to get started and what you can customize.

Tiger Eye Foundation is Klarity’s key community partner in Ghana and is piloting the platform with us. Tiger Eye is involved in developing and launching the platform in Ghana through the movement “Je Suis Anas”.

Klarity holds a unique role in society providing a digital tool that amplifies the important work of investigators by engaging citizens in advocacy. The issue with exposing corruption, and getting the corrupt convicted, is not a lack of people investigating – it’s lack of a common place of coordination. Our platform solves this by empowering investigators and organisations to coordinate campaigns and call to actions that would otherwise be scattered across multiple media. Citizens, activists, journalists, and civil society organisations are connected to create long lasting change.