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Bus drivers bribe police

Policemen from MTTD (The Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate) takes bribes from the bus drivers. In some cases the police has a few cards with him, so when he stops the buses, he shares the cards to them. The drivers will also put the money inside and give it to their mates to hand it over to the policeman.

1. Prepare to go undercover
2. Record the corruption with your mobile
3. Upload your video
4. Engage the community to take action

13 days ago


police takes bribe from trotro driver in broyinbima

14 days ago


How you can engage anonymously

Record videos of corruption taking place with your phone. Just make sure you stay protected. Learn how to do it here.

Upload your video and describe what happened. Let people know the truth!

Watch the videos and add any information you have about the case. Together we can gather the evidence needed to stop corruption.

Share the stories from here with others. This will create pressure for action to be taken.