What we do

Klarity develops digital tools that support corruption fighters in exposing injustice and mobilising citizen engagement. Our platform is open source and free to use.

Unlike other channels, Klarity’s platform helps bringing transparency to the process of solving corruption cases and makes it easy to engage and follow the impact.

Who we are

Klarity is an independent, non-political neutral party, owned and funded by the Swedish not-for-profit Norrsken foundation. Klarity is developed by entrepreneurs with vast experience of developing internet services. 

We are founded upon the aspiration to tackle one of the world’s biggest fiends; corruption. Our drive stems from the simple idea that technology can be the key to fundamentally eliminate corruption at its roots.

Where we are heading

Our vision is a world without corruption. We encourage democracy around the world, based on strong, transparent and well-functioning institutions that citizens can trust.

Our global journey has only just begun. We developed and launched the first version of Klarity’s platform with investigative journalists at the Tiger Eye Foundation in Ghana in order to gain proof of concept and understand how the platform can be optimised. From there we want the use of the platform to expand to organisations in all corners of the world, and combat all forms of human rights’ abuses in both private and public sector institutions.