Empowering movements that strengthen democracies

Klarity is an online community where users can anonymously crowdsource videos of corruption issues in their local neighbourhoods and add information about which institutions and individuals are involved. The information is shared on social media and with journalists, civil society organisations and governmental bodies. This creates awareness and pressure for action to be taken.Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our philosophy which means that anyone can create an account, engage and generate content on Klarity. A key component is that all content is carefully peer-reviewed, ensuring its relevance and reliability. Inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated on the service and content flagged as inappropriate by our community is promptly removed. In each country we operate we work closely with Key Community Partners that have a proven track records of combating corruption and mobilizing citizens.

We want to encourage the spread of democracy around the world, based on strong, transparent and well-functioning institutions that citizens can trust.We have only just started our journey. We are starting out small, launching the platform with local activists in the capital of Ghana, Accra, in order to gain proof of concept and understand how the platform can be optimised. From there we want the community to expand to all corners of the world and combat all forms of human rights’ abuses in both private and public sector institutions.

We are entrepreneurs who have experience with developing internet services. We are founded upon the aspiration to tackle one of the world’s biggest fiends; corruption. Our drive stems from the simple idea that technology can be the key to fundamentally eliminate corruption at its roots. Klarity is an independent non-religious, non-political neutral party, owned and funded by the Swedish not-for-profit Norrsken.If you are interested in collaborating with us or want to learn more about how to use the platform in your local community, please send us an e-mail at:  info@klarity.org.For press inquiries please contact Eliza Kücükaslan, CEO at: press@klarity.org.