Stone Tapestry Helpful Hints

Wondering which side faces up?
As you can see, I am very fond of detail.
Each bead is selected for its unique beauty and is positioned just so.
There is a clear thread at the clasp end that is meant to be on top.
This is the way they are designed and also the best way to clasp them.

Wondering how to clasp them easily?
The simplest way I have found to clasp them by myself, on my right wrist:

Hold the clasp end, clear thread facing up
Place the Stone Tapestry across the top of your wrist with the clasp closest to you
Hold Stone Tapestry in place by pressing it gently against your heart and then guide the clasp with your free hand
In time, the leather becomes deliciously supple and the natural leather becomes darker from wear, making it ever more facile.
Stone Tapestries are to be kept dry and to be enjoyed as a fine piece of jewelry.
Stones can be fragile.
I recommend gentle, loving care despite their proven strength. I do not get mine wet and I usually take them off when I build Earth Art & Architecture homes. I tend to wear them daily, including riding horses. My Stone Tapestries have proven durable and are still beautiful after 6 years of constant wear. Since I invented this original art form, I like to share that this is my experience with their durability.
As in life, none.  But …KLARITY does care deeply about each person's satisfaction.
Please visit our website www.klarity.org for any further needs, questions or comments.
  Shipping & handling expenses are added to each order
  10% Restocking Fee on all orders once an order is received
  All goods returned accepted only within 30 days of purchase
  Stone Tapestry repairs:
$45 per restringing, plus shipping and handling
Allow three to six weeks maximum to receive repairs
  Before shipping, each Stone Tapestry is inspected and found to be in perfect condition.
Any damage in transit requires a claim be filed for damages with the shipping company.
KLARITY is happy to help in any way we can to simplify this process and to realize a mutually satisfactory outcome.

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