Work at Klarity

At Klarity we are on an exciting, ambitious and bold mission, fighting corruption with technology. People affected by corruption need help to take action and hold public officials accountable without risking their lives. At Klarity we believe technology can help them. We are a small team working together to make a difference in the world and are currently looking for ambitious and passionate individuals to join us in our mission.


We believe that you are thinking of applying to Klarity because you are wondering if your exceptional skills could come in handy to improve people's everyday lives, and we don't mean making the loading time of their favourite app 1 millisecond faster. No, we mean real social impact - giving them the tools to fight corruption and bring development and prosperity to their community. That is what we were wondering about before joining Klarity.


Our office is located in the center of Stockholm.

Can't find a role that suits you?

Just submit an open application to us clicking the button below and we will let you know if we have something that could match your skills and ambitions.